We provide financial institutions, such as banks, payment service providers (PSP), payment instruments (PI), (EMI) payment intermediaries, credit card companies and even mega-merchants with solutions to scale up their business.


The system is designed and built in an open way, meaning that multiple payment services can be used on the same infrastructure. Naturally, the user can have multiple payment services (instruments) enabled and can use them with the same mobile phone.

Transactions can be charged against:

  • Bank and payment accounts
  • Stored value accounts
  • Any credit or debit card account 
  • Mobile operator phone bills


  • Innovative services offered to customers
  • Simplifying user experience: attracting new customers, improving customer retention, decreasing churn
  • Radically lowering costs of enabling clients: no plastic card production or distribution costs
  • Improved security & control: decrease in frauds, disputes and charge-backs
  • More transactions and additional revenues through micropayments
  • Paving the way to other financial products – cross sale
  • Strategic value of having control over new payment infrastructure
  • Optimizing CRM

Financial institutions around the world recognize the immense potential still to be realized through providing mobile transaction based services, from mobile payments and remittance to mobile ticketing and electronic voucher solutions.

We enable financial institutions fully to leverage their roles, whether they operate in Issuer-, Acquirer- or Payment Service Provider domains, introducing mobile transaction solutions to traditional and to whole new markets of automated and mobile points of sale.

From cash to digital. 

Everything you need to bring the convenience of mobile payment right into the palms of your customers.