Anyone can use their mobile phone to pay for products and services. 
Convenient, reliable and secure payment option.

With comprehensive online merchant and customer self-care management tools, Margento Mobile Payments reaches out to users, giving them the highest level of control.

Margento Mobile Payments is a comprehensive, scalable, flexible, secure and proven solution that enables everybody to use their phones to pay for products and services at various manned or unmanned points of sale, driving the customer experience with a convenient, reliable and secure payment option. Customers no longer need to carry cash or multiple plastic cards – but just their mobile phones to access any of their accounts.

It provides interfaces to a variety of payment mechanisms and a vast range of dedicated POS terminals, enabling patented Data Over Voice based interaction among a consumer, their preferred payment mechanism, a merchant and payment processors.

Variety of payment mechanisms, 
reliable & secure cutomer experience.

Multiple payment accounts, single device.

Any purchase, whether micro or macro, can be charged to any of the customer’s accounts – an existing or newly created bank account, credit, debit, stored value, or even to their mobile phone account.

Customers no longer need to carry several plastic cards in their pockets; instead, they can use their mobile phones to access any of their accounts.



One account, many users.

Margento enables customers to register secondary users and provide them with controlled mobile access to one or more of their payment accounts.

Banks can thus also reach the unbanked market (e.g. teenagers) and benefit from a higher transaction volume.




Multiple services, one trusted partner.

Margento enables you, our partner, to assume an active role in the fast growing mobile payments market by building a vast network of third-party merchants and offering customers a quick and easy way to pay for tangible goods and a variety of services – including parking, public transit, admissions, event tickets etc.

Margento offers multiple services via one trusted device – a mobile phone.

Payments can easily be complemented by bonus and loyalty, mobile gift and mobile coupon programs. 


Margento Mobile Payment Scenario