Increase the convenience of electronic recharging of mobile prepaid accounts.
Simple recharge processes for customers.

The growth of pre-paid mobile phone customers choosing to recharge their accounts electronically has created a huge market for retailers, who are able to earn a commission by offering electronic recharge easily and cost effectively at the point of sale.

Traditionally, the purchase of pre-paid airtime occurs largely through a physical voucher-based distribution system. Margento Mobile Recharge is used for electronic recharging of various prepaid accounts, currently mostly served by prepaid scratch cards.

We simplifiy the recharge process for customers and considerably reduce costs for pre-paid providers and resellers.

Margento Mobile Recharge turns recharging prepaid mobile accounts into a product, without any of the problems of stocking and distributing a physical product.

The solution enables electronic recharging of mobile pre-paid accounts and supports various customer payment sources, including cash, the customer's bank account and their credit/debit cards.

Convenient recharge procedure,
reduced to just  a short call.


Margento reduces operator overhead and distribution costs and enables additional profit opportunities for resellers.

It eliminates the costs associated with production, distribution and management of prepaid cards, minimizes fraud and prevents out-of-stock issues. By increasing the availability and convenience of the replenishment service, Margento Mobile Recharge increases customer satisfaction and decreases churn.


For retailers, Margento brings more customers through the door by offering another service in addition to existing retailer activities.

The product itself is always in stock, removing the risk of lost sales. With minimal staff training required, Margento Mobile Recharge can be up-and-running in no time, allowing retailers to offer ever more Margento services through one Margento terminal.


With a very simplified and convenient recharge procedure, reduced to just a short call, prepaid mobile phone owners can easily recharge their own prepaid accounts or they can recharge any other prepaid account - such as a parent topping up accounts for family members. They can even have an ePIN voucher printed to carry with them and recharge any prepaid mobile account they want.

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