Research and Development, enhanced by meticulous intellectual property management, is the cornerstone of the Margento group.

Back in 2006, a combination of well-experienced engineering talent and a focus on innovative mobile transaction solutions was behind the drive to establish the Research and Development department as a daughter company in Maribor, Slovenia. It is today composed of technical, scientific and industrial research units, aimed not only at the development of future products but also at permanent improvement of current operating procedures and solutions. Margento invests the majority of its revenues in the development of new technologies, solutions and applications.


In only a decade, Margento R&D has seen rapid growth in attracting outstanding people with engineering and academic reputations. We now number 70 colleagues in ten R&D departments, of which 10 are PhD holders. Over time, intense cooperation with eminent universities has been established, several of our colleagues now also working part-time an university lecturers and researches. Our scientific research has been presented at numerous conferences and been published in various international and local publications.

As far as our R&D's core expertise is concerned, the primary focus is in state-of-the-art mobile transaction solutions, with extensive experience gathered in:

  • Solutions relying on the user's mobile device as a universal transactions instrument,
  • Contactless Smart Card systems and applications,
  • Software solutions supporting mobile transaction systems,
  • Embedded software design,
  • Terminal device and other hardware design,
  • Mobile Smartphone application design.


Due to the dynamic relationship with academia, substantial effort is directed at conducting basic research in order for the applied solutions to be genuinely innovative.

Currently, our focus is on:

  • research in digital signal processing used to further enhance the modulation/demodulation procedures applied in transferring data over a GSM voice channel,
  • adaptive algorithms for ensuring the maximum effectiveness of data transfer over a GSM voice channel,
  • research in advanced cryptographic algorithms and procedures used in electronic transaction processing,
  • research and development in advanced embedded software and hardware systems,
  • research in future communication channels in close proximity,
  • new and novel business applications for modern technologies,
  • research and development of advanced and complex systems and operations,
  • research and development of procedures for optimizing efficient automated operations.


By constantly maintaining the high technological level of our innovative solutions and products, Margento R&D has had a pivotal role in the company’s success.

Numerous international patents, including patented Margento Data-Over-Voice (DOV) technology, are an important differentiation factor within the industry.


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