Successful communities must balance social, economic and environmental needs. They are transforming from passive service administrators to proactive managers of their infrastructures, resulting in the need for strong public control of services and a need to deliver holistic, city-wide answers to make them more efficient, cleaner, friendlier and safer for their citizens and visitors.


Forward looking cities should put the needs of their citizens and visitors at the forefront of their planning activities, striving to develop economic competitiveness and employment, enhance infrastructure and improve overall living conditions.

Integral city payment

No matter the size of the city, Margento's Smart City Solutions provide quick, transparent, reliable and simplified cashless payment solutions that improve convenience, service experience and safety for their citizens and tourists.

Integral city payment

Margento Smart City Solutions provide a lucrative opportunity to promote mass public transport, reduce congestion and pollution, manage transportation demand and enable fact-based decision making.


Public transport ticketing, mobile payment for public services, information on public infrastructure all in the palm of the hand. With rising trends in mobile technologies, a city mobile application becomes a key point of interaction between a city's inhabitants, tourists and visitors alike with local city lifestyle and all the novel possibilities it has to offer.

Brand your city payment system

and make it an accepted and widely used payment instrument, building the city’s public image and generating new revenue.


Smart Mobility offers users improved accessibility and effectiveness of public means of transport, and better and friendlier services.

In order to combat rising motorisation levels, public transport has to play a significant role in enabling easy and fast multimodal journeys for travellers, while fulfilling the mobility needs and capabilities of different population groups. The level of service in public transport is much higher if real-time information and real-time planning is provided to travellers.

The emerging gap between urban, suburban and rural areas can be combatted by applying technological innovations and the deployment of new, efficient, affordable and accessible mobility applications, not only providing integration for transport but additionally providing the means to include public venues, tourist attractions, landmarks and other interesting points for tourists and visitors that can be included in the system via a tourist smartcard, mobile application or otherwise.

Integrating different vehicle and travel types into a single unified platform need not be a dream. With Margento, any type of transport vehicle or provider can be included in a multilateral passenger transport system across the country.

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With rising trends of digitalization in every segment of modern life, even state procedures can be simplified, drastically decreasing operational costs and complexity.

Staggering lines and long waits at public service offices can all be reduced by introducing a more convenient way of collecting social welfare, subsidies, charity or any other type of equity requiring specialized mass distribution.  

To improve overview, quality of service and over-all convenience, a system has been set up with a highly-capable Margento Platform to process and control all transactions.

Additionally, all the previously existing safety measures remain active but are now further complemented by additional fraud-prevention safeguards. Next to improved convenience, better security is thus an absolute key point of the system. Complete logs of all transactions are made, making advanced reporting feasible. Through this, a much higher degree of transparency is established, helping make sure the money is spent in accordance with the rules of the financier.

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