Seeing the potential for bridging the digital and physical world by performing "the last inch" interaction between two entities, we utilize various technologies for Data Exchange, mainly DOV, NFC and USSD.


DOV stands for our proprietary contactless data-over-voice transaction technology. Using the voice channel of the customer’s mobile phone, DOV ensures fast, highly secure and cost-effective wireless transmission of transaction messages in Face-2-Face solutions.

DOV, as completely in-house developed technology, has been proven in daily operations worldwide for more than a decade by our partners in various forms, such as Mobile Payment, Airtime Top-Up, Loyalty and Ticketing.

Key advantages

  • Does not require mobile app to operate – uses voice call
  • Works on any handset, independent of its OS platform
  • Does not interact on mobile operator’s core services
  • Secure and convenient

The general principle of operation is the same as making a voice call.

On establishing a voice call to the call center platform, a transaction token in the form of voice signals is sent to the terminal device through the customer's mobile phone. The terminal detects the token and initiates the transaction process.

The customer’s phone thus serves as a communication device between the platform and point-of-sale terminal. They communicate in the same manner as people do – using speech and a mobile phone. 

Data-Over-Voice - DOV technology


With multiple contactless technologies on the rise, NFC is surely the most successful. We have been following the technology from the very start. With multiple developmental projects and products conducted over a decade, ranging from NFC module integration in smart household appliances to mobile applications, the possibilities for implementing contactless NFC interfaces are virtually inexhaustible.

NFC has been present in Margento solutions for years, including a diverse privately developed repertoire of Margento terminals. Originally intended for use with Mifare contactless cards, recent development has now additionally introduced NFC-supported communication with NFC-enabled mobile devices in active or passive mode of operation.  

Adopting the NFC technology, multiple successful solution variants have been launched on the market in areas including fare collection, micropayments and access control whereby in each case, the specific variant was tailored to meet the needs of the specific requirements of each project.

With rising trends of mobile devices, the more recent focus addresses issues in using the technology through mobile applications. With the NFC module already present in the device, proper data storage security and communication encryption must be ensured.

Margento has already launched products and solutions in this sphere with great success and seamless usability, replacing the contactless cards altogether. 


USSD enables real-time communication between the platform and end-users.  We have developed the USSD Gateway as part of our Platform portfolio, to support Pull and Push methods of communication.

The Pull method is used when dialling a short code to receive available options, while the Push method is used to send a message to the user’s phone by the platform.

Push is primarily used for services such us sending pins or relevant messages, while Pull gives the user the opportunity to purchase a product or enquire about a service or balance.



Although the use of USSD has been widely accepted in the field of interacting with a mobile operator’s core services, some project implementations have proven its universal potential.