A new and convenient way to purchase, receive and validate tickets.
A comprehensive ticketing system covering every need.

Margento Mobile Tickets is a comprehensive ticketing system covering service providers' every ticketing need, from venues, events and ticket definition to various ways customers are able to obtain, distribute and validate their tickets.

Mobile ticketing allows public transportation authorities, entertainment venues and various ticket suppliers to offer their customers a new and convenient way to purchase, receive and validate tickets from any location and at any time using their mobile phones.

From any location, at any time,

just mobile phones. 


Customers can buy their tickets on the web or mobile portal, through IVR, through SMS and even at a physical point of sale equipped with Margento terminals. The ticket is stored in the Margento processing center (server side) and a purchase confirmation in the form of an SMS or MMS is sent to the customer's mobile phone.

All tickets need to be efficiently and reliably validated at the venue redemption point to prevent fraud and slow-moving lines.

By using Margento's terminals connected to various access control systems, mobile tickets can be validated without manual intervention, providing your customers with convenient fast-line access.
Alternatively, ticket validation can be performed manually by the cashier or at a self-service kiosk – in both cases original paper tickets can be printed.


Mobile ticketing brings new opportunities for reducing the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing, increasing customer convenience and operating efficiencies, preventing fraud and setting you apart from the competition.

Enhanced version of mobile ticketing has been "forked" into Margento Electronic Fare Collection, a comprehensive public transit electronic ticketing solution developed to help mass transportation authorities introduce efficient and convenient cashless payment.

Passengers’ convenience is improved with specially designed Margento on-bus ticket validator vPOS terminals and Self-service Outdoor Payment Kiosks in the Smart City section.


All of the above benefits make Margento Mobile Tickets a lucrative option for mass transportation, concerts, sporting events, movie theaters, theme parks, museums etc.  

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