Bringing full featured digital system solutions
to cities across the globe.

Employing information and communication technologies already present in practically any city, we can offer rapid deployment of Smart Mobility systems, distributed environmental measurement and intelligent integration of various venues in a diverse range of environments.

Supported by real time data analytics, users enjoy real-time arrival schedules on routes, integrated travel planning, payment and ticketing all included in the palm of a hand.

Parked the car on the other side of the city? Not a problem. Commuters can extend parking time remotely with the application by the push of a button.


Integrating public transport, parking fare collection, public services and venues, such as libraries, museums, sporting facilities and more, in a single smartcard or application-based solution.

Our smart mobility system offers an entire portfolio of wide-ranging and complete on-board, off-board and back-end products that meet the most demanding needs in terms of quality, reliability, user friendliness and design. Using patented Data-over-Voice technology and voice tokens, the system is accessible with any mobile device.

NFC enabled smartphones provide the means to substitute, complement and advance classic smartcard based ticketing with additional expanded possibilities offered by a mobile application, both in providing an information platform and remote payment possibilities.

Make your city smart.

The future of digitalization, informatization and convenience in a single package.

City authorities strive to find the right balance among three overriding concerns: economic competitiveness, environmental issues and quality of life for citizens.

Smart City Solutions put all three challenges right in the heart of a modern city, turning them into chances for your future business.

Tourists can enjoy tailored tours, local offerings and entertainment options in a simple way through online planning and area overview.

Regional insights and exploration possibilities are numerous, all seamlessly complemented by city services included on the single platform.

Smart City Solutions provide tools for insight into daily habits, in order to improve service planning. They engage communities in demanding better services, and consequently move cities towards fostering sustainability, participation and innovation.


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