Money sent and received by mobile phone. 
The easiest way for customers to send & collect remittances.

Remittance is an affordable and convenient way of sending money regardless of distance. Individuals can send money to their families from any country with a provider participating in the program.

The sender simply hands the money over to the cashier, enters the recipient’s phone number into the terminal and, after dialling a short number, taps the phone to the terminal. Money is transfered via mobile phones and a network of Margento terminals located at participating businesses.

The money is stored in the Margento system for the recipient to collect at any local participating business. Building on the reach of the mobile networks and the ubiquity of mobile phone, this unique Margento procedure makes it very easy to send and receive money, making the transfer itself very fast.

The money is available to the recipient within seconds.

Using just a mobile phone.


TRANSACTION PROCEDURE - Feature phone & Terminal