To adapt to the demanding market of the mobile transaction world, we utilize various forms of hardware, from generic smart devices, POS terminals to customized variant bespoke hardware to cater for transaction services at physical points of sale.


Smart tablets and phones are wide spread across points of sale, as well as customers. This is a future market niche in transaction systems, especially suitable for small and medium retail services with low complexity solutions.

Several such solutions have already been implemented, providing us with valuable knowledge and experience in developing and especially maintaining, softPOS applications for tablets and phones in the ever-changing smart devices portfolio.


EMV compliant POS terminals are standardized infrastructure in conducting electronic payments.

Our solutions can be implemented on new and existing terminal platforms used for electronic card payments. By consolidating services on one terminal device, the investment cycle for ROI is achieved much faster.

Usage of EMV terminals provides opportunities for partnership with new or existing payment acquirers.  


Margento has developed a set of proprietary terminals, each type cleverly designed to fit its designated purpose, in order to provide friendly, seamless end-user interactions at points of sale/use, and enable secure, reliable information flow between points of sale/use and the Margento Platform.

  • Managing a network of POS terminals can be done by Margento or by our customers through a customer Self-Care application.
  • More advanced features, such as remote terminal configuration changes, updates and customizations, are enabled through Terminal Configuration, saving money and improving service quality regardless of terminal network size.
  • Terminal logistics offers tracking of terminal shipments, managing terminals on field and on stock, handling support requests and warranties, managing spare parts and supplies. With it, Margento provides the complete history for each terminal, offering control over all terminal activities.



Ergonomically designed and feature rich, Mobile Validator is Margento's primary terminal, designed for counter-top and mobile use. The Mobile Validator terminal is an affordable and multi-functional device that supports all Margento mobile transaction types and solutions. By enabling reliable and secure mobile and contactless card transactions, Mobile Validator provides businesses with the opportunity to offer new services, generate new revenues and increase customer convenience.

The Margento Mobile Validator terminal is designed for use at retail outlets and mobile points of sale. It supports all payments types - innovative data over voice channel (DOV), NFC, swipe- and smart cards - reliably and securely. No installation or on-the-spot communication are required, cashless payment is up and running in a matter of seconds.


The Margento Mobile Validator terminal is used for:

  • Cashless proximity payments
  • Mobile payments
  • Stored value account recharge
  • Stored value account balance check
  • Bonus & loyalty program execution
  • Buying, sending and redeeming electronic vouchers
  • Bill payments
  • Remittance
  • Public transit on-board ticket validity inspections


  • DOV (data over voice) technology
  • Smart & magnetic reader
  • Contactless card reader *
  • Thermal printer
  • SD card reader
  • GPRS modem
  • Built-in cryptography
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Retail, from convenience shops to supermarkets
  • Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, fast food & drive-ins
  • Taxies
  • Home delivery services (e.g. pizza delivery)
  • Express delivery services (e.g. TNT, DHL)
  • Door to door sales
  • Ticketing (e.g. ticket window, public transit)
  • Sales stands, street fairs
  • All branches of city administration and city services
  • Tourist attractions, various venues
  • Tourist information centers

* supporting ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE, FeliCa schema, ISO/IEC 14443B, NFCIP-1 mode with frequency range 13.56 MHz and typical operating distance in Read/Write mode up to 50 mm. Mifare family RFID cards supported: Mifare Desfire, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Mifare Ultralight



The Margento ID Device terminal is specially designed for use in various ticketing solutions. Combining the ability to work with contactless cards and mobile phones, it is the right choice for public transit, entertainment and tourist attraction ticketing solutions. As a part of the Outdoor Payment Kiosk it is also used in Margento parking solutions.

With the ability reliably to transfer data over voice channel (DOV), the Margento ID Device terminal can be used in noisy environments and with any mobile phone. It serves as a contactless card reader / writer, and it also support payments via mobile phones.




The Margento ID Device terminal is used for:

  • contactless card and mobile phone payments
  • recharge of contactless card and mobile phones accounts
  • contactless card and mobile phone account balance checking


  • easy and fast plug-and-play installation
  • compact and robust water-resistant housing
  • built-in GPRS modem
  • zero maintenance operations


  • Self-service kiosks (bus, tram, train stations)
  • Vending machines
  • Parking (on-street parking meters, off-street parking ramps & payment machines)
  • Amusement (video, gaming and other amusement machines)
  • Ticketing machines (various venues – amusement parks, movie theatres, sport stadiums…)


Margento Validator is a specialized in-vehicle ticket validator terminal, designed for use in Margento public transit fare collection solutions. It enables fast and convenient ticket payment and validation via contactless cards and mobile phones, improving passenger flow and convenience.




The Margento Ticket Validator is used for:

  • Cashless public transit on-board ticket validation and fare payment
  • Contactless cards
  • Mobile phones
  • On-board ticket inspection support
  • Tariff management support


  • Ticket validation
  • Margento payment – card or phone
  • Service operation
  • Time synchronization
  • Acquisition blacklist
  • Maintenance call
  • Acquisition of the tariff system
  • Notification of alarm conditions
  • Transfer of data to the controller unit


  • Inside public transit vehicles
  • Bus
  • Tram
  • Metro
  • Train