Moneta: a history of mobile “way to pay” in Slovenia

Moneta: a history of mobile “way to pay” in Slovenia

Moneta will always be the first major mobile transaction system not only in Slovenia, but also one of the worldwide pioneers. Today’s core of Margento R&D experts developed it way back in 2001 as an internet-based payment method. In 2002 it migrated to vending machines – and Coca-Cola became only a single (mobile) touch away.

Most vending machine operators in Slovenia soon introduced the same technology in their operations.

Based on this success, a solution was designed in 2003 to provide the same convenience of mobile transactions in shops, restaurants and other traditional points of sale. When the first generation of terminals was produced, Moneta was ready to challenge the market seriously.


In an unprecedented move, the country’s leading mobile network operator, Mobitel, and then the second largest bank in Slovenia, NKBM, established a joint venture to purchase Moneta’s technology, thus greatly opening the market and expanding the business model. The Moneta system is today accessible to the majority of mobile phone users in Slovenia – and among 750,000 users (in a country of 2 million inhabitants!) is still referred to as “the mobile way to pay”.