Margento expanded its presence to the Montenegrin market

  • 2/14/2017
Margento expanded its presence to the Montenegrin market

Leveraging Margento technology on globally renowned PAX terminals, m:Tel a mobile operator, introduced a universal Mobile Payment and Airtime recharge system in Montenegro called M-Pay.

Lack of universal solution, compatible with a variety of mobile devices, has directed m:Tel to seek an appropriate solution. 
With the addition of Margento data-over-voice technology facilitated via mDongle add-on which is a device capable of upgrading a standard terminal in a manner whereby the capability of using a customer’s mobile phone as an instrument of identification.

Both services will be carried out on 1500 deployed terminals. The service is already available in the venues of m:tel, retail outlets of Tabacco and S Press and retail outlets of the NTC, and will soon be available in retail chains and retail venues throughout Montenegro.

The Executive Director of m:tel Vladimir Lučić told: “m:tel is recognized in the market as the most innovative company in Montenegro from its beginning. Specifically, with the project of mobile payment, we are confident that Montenegrin citizens, as users, will quickly accept the innovation and carry out payments using the cellular phone, and less so with cash or cards. We already have a large number of retailers and caterers throughout Montenegro interested in the introduction of this system in their sales and service facilities. In this way we help combat gray economy, as the use of cash is kept to the lowest possible level, so we can say that this is a socially responsible and useful project".

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