Margento technology powers the new VALÚ smart wallet in Slovenia

  • 7/01/2019
Margento technology powers the new VALÚ smart wallet in Slovenia

Slovenia has, as of June 2019, a new mobile wallet called VALÚ, issued by the mobile phone operator Telekom Slovenije. The VALÚ wallet is a modern and simple means of electronic payments in an ever more developing cashless society.

Margento's technology powers the new wallet through its own patented technology of Data Over Voice (DOV), which enables users to connect their wallet with the processing center via the voice token at the point of sale. Margento has installed its own firmware on the POS terminals which are now available at over 3,000 locations in Slovenia (the PAX a920 terminal). This is especially useful for the users of I-phones, which do not support the NFC connectivity.

VALÚ wallet can also connect through the NFC connection (for Android phones) as well as with a QR code, through the POS terminal scanner or by a manual 6-digit code.

VALÚ wallet is a smart wallet that provides not only the electronic payment at the terminals, but also payments online with certified e-commerce sites, peer to peer (P2P) money transfers, bill splitting among friends (i.e. restaurant bill, gift bought among friends etc.). In addition, the wallet is integrated with the public transportation providers, such as Slovenia Railways, Urbana city bus in Ljubljana, IJPP integrated public transport in Slovenia and so on.

Main features are highlighted below:

  • Payment at the physical locations via the Margento terminal
  • E-commerce payments at verified web stores
  • Sending of funds to another person
  • Receiving funds from another person
  • Account top-up (for example credit cards, transfer from bank account, cash payment at any Telekom Slovenije counter, VALÚ Moneta)
  • Integration with the public transportation providers in Slovenia
  • Credit from Telekom Slovenije for its subscribers (instead of top-up, the amount spent is included in the monthly phone bill)
  • VALÚ wallet is not limited to Telekom Slovenije subscribers, it is open to all mobile providers.
  • Tracking and overview of past transactions

Margento has proved again the success of its technologies and smart city solutions, which in this case, grew to a Smart Country solution.


> More about the application on www.valu.si

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