Margento Technology enters Sri Lanka commercially

  • 6/20/2014
Margento Technology enters Sri Lanka commercially

Margento Technology recently expanded further by being launched commercially throughout the magically beautiful island of Sri Lanka, thereby introducing for the first time Margento`s signature convenience in prepaid mobile top-up options to the Sri Lankan market.

Marketed under the name Sampath Bank Z Reload and provided by the country’s leading pioneer in user-friendly technology in Sri Lanka’s banking industry, Sampath Bank, together with Imovation Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, the official kick-off received substantial and approving media coverage.

The Margento-enabled Sampath Z Reload service combines for the first time all Sri Lankan mobile operators within a single platform, thereby extending its universal convenience to all prepaid mobile phone users within the country. The service itself relies on Margento-developed portable Mobile Validator terminal technology set up at several hundred of the most frequented points in Sri Lankan streets, thereby maximizing reach and convenience. 

As always, the implemented system retains the core benefits of Margento`s technology, ensuring security as well as privacy to the prepaid user, who no longer has to expose his or her phone number to the retailer but simply performs a Dial & Tap operation or sends an SMS message with the required recharge amount to the universal short code number to have their prepaid phone balance reloaded on the spot. 

The system supports further expansion to retail mobile payment, loyalty and other mobile services provided by Margento, which await implementation in the very foreseeable future. 

Some excerpts from the received media-coverage:

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