Urbana in Ljubljana: Smart City Solution at its best

Urbana in Ljubljana: Smart City Solution at its best

Imagine paying public transport, city bikes, parking services, access to galleries and museums, renting a book in city library and many other city public services all by one app or contactless card. Difficult? Visit Ljubljana, try Urbana.

Urbana has been developed to improve both convenience and safety of payments. Margento payment platform is being used for complete stored value account management, transaction processing, clearing and electronic public transit ticketing. Close to 60 millions euros worth of transactions are being processed annually.

The entire fleet of several hundreds vehicles operated by the city’s public transit operator has been equipped with specially designed validators, combining NFC and Data-Over-Voice capability. Close to 300 mPOS equipped points of sales are active along with over 40 self-service terminals. Result: close to a million Urbana accounts are already in use! 

With recent introduction of Urbana mobile application and free wireless internet connection already encompassing Ljubljana, citizens and visitors can additionally check bus schedules and arrival times and with GPS find the nearest bus station for a selected route, making city transport the smartest mode of travel in town.