Shopping Broadcast: The perfect brand promotion platform

Shopping Broadcast: The perfect brand promotion platform

Collecting rewards has never been easier, with a single tap of a button. With a clear and personalized display of venues and stores and many additional features, Shopping Broadcast offers a perfect mobile brand engagement platform across Europe.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the whole system consists of two applications: one for the user and one for the merchant. Being platform agnostic, anyone can join the Shopping Broadcast program by just installing the application.

Utilizing DOV and voice token technology, relentless development in Margento labs has brought unparalleled simplicity and universality to a whole new level. Even users without smart mobile devices can participate, expanding the user base to its true potential. 

With continuous development, the application represents an ever improving endeavor to offer the maximum added value to points of sale with the minimum expense and hardware possible. Brand and product promotion, couponing and gift programs have never been easier. Targeted and personalized in-app promotions and content engage users, while providing interesting branding and community engagement possibilities through social media and notifications to store owners.