My Club Loyalty Program in Macedonia

My Club Loyalty Program in Macedonia

The My Club program, with its innovative marketing design and convenient service delivery, is extending the reach of the company`s local loyalty scheme to include purchases made within a wide scope of partnering shops, ranging from every-day retailers to luxury fashion houses.

Makedonski Telekom, a company within the Deutsche Telekom Group and an established partner of Margento, has recently lauched My Club, the largest loyalty program in the country, using Margento technology to deliver the service.

Owing to the manner in which innovative marketing has been combined with the virtually endless versatility of Margento technology, collecting and redeeming points is now extremely simple, fast and compatible with all types of payment. All a customer needs to do to collect or redeem points earned previously is to dial a free-of-charge short-number at the cash-register and then place the mobile telephone onto the terminal. The service is available to both pre-paid and post-paid customers of T-Mobile Macedonia, at locations throughout the county.

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