Margento provides loyalty clubs with a reliable and flexible Bonus & Loyalty Program Management Platform and proprietary POS terminals. The whole Margento environment enables customers to participate in the Loyalty Club by simply and conveniently collecting and redeeming their bonuses via mobile phones.

The concept of a Loyalty Club allows customers to collect and redeem their bonuses at all participating businesses, giving customers improved buying freedom and participating businesses more exposure and new customers.

Bonus & Loyalty programs are initiated by businesses pro-actively to cultivate loyalty amongst customers to ensure they keep coming back, and to acquire information relating to their customers' buying habits.

While the goals are clear and rewarding, the process of creating the Bonus & Loyalty program is a demanding, expensive and long-term endeavour.

This opens the door for Loyalty Clubs, bringing together companies from various lines of business and even countries into a single network offering bonuses to their customers.

With Margento, the whole process of between-merchant clearing and settlement is taken care of in a simple and secure way. Each merchant and customer can check their bonus status 24/7, either through a dedicated internet application or at the point of sale.

With the entire Loyalty Club management system taken care of by Margento, the loyalty club can focus on working hard on the constant expansion of the network of partner companies to maximize consumer benefits. Depending on their personal spending, consumers can save several hundreds per year, enjoying the benefits of your club and living a fuller life.

Bring together various companies into a single network
offering bonuses to their costumers.


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